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Un articol excelent de la my sisters kitchen:

How in the world does sourdough save energy?

First of all, any time we prepare our own food instead of buying it at the supermarket, we’re choosing a lower tech option.

*We start by saving the fuel cost of driving to the store to buy bread.

*We save the energy cost of the commercial manufacturing process of baking bread.

*We save the fuel costs of shipping commercial bread to stores.

*We know exactly what’s IN our bread because we’ve made it by hand. There are no additives or funky unnatural ingredients.

*Every step of the breadmaking process is done by hand. We don’t use mixers or blenders or any power-consuming appliances.

*We can even choose the option of baking our bread in the woodstove, on the charcoal grill, or over a campfire if we want to avoid using the oven.

*Both bread-making and the cultivation of sourdough starters have some great community implications. We’re not in this alone. Just like the yeasts in the sourdough, we can permeate our communities with change.

*Best of all, anyone can make this bread. The average individual who is trying to live responsibly, minimize use of non-renewable resources, maximize use of renewable resources, and make small but significant changes can easily start making bread like this.

*Sourdough starter itself is a great example on a small scale of a renewable and renewing resource. The crock of starter sitting on the counter can remind you every day that small things make a difference.